Put your contest or challenge on the calendar!

PLN Video Contest

In honor of CEM, Powerful Learning Practice and Intel Teachers Engage have teamed up on a "show us your personal learning network" video contest. Multiple categories, great prizes! Through Sept 30!

National PTA Share Awesome Contest

A contest from National PTA & Lifelock for your teens to share ways the digital world is making a positive impact on their daily lives, for a chance to win a scholarship, hardware, and a school assembly Through Nov 30 More

Principal Props Contest

In honor of National Principals Month (and CEM), make and upload a video giving “props” to your principal, what they mean to you, for a chance to win gift cards from Best Buy and more…Through Oct 31 More

CEM ISTE Contest

Raise or donate $50 to CEM’s crowdfunding campaign for a chance to win a trip to ISTE’s next annual conference and an ISTE membership–get additional chances for every additional $50. Through Nov. 6 More

Instructional Leadership Challenge

A self-paced program to help school leaders provide more frequent, meaningful feedback. You’ll get a email every day for 21 days, each containing a video with tips/discussion and a simple challenge to take action on… More

Indiana CEM Challenge

Work through five challenges collaboratively with a team of educators for the chance to win badges and potential bonus badges within the Google+ communities of your choice Through Oct 31 More

ISKME/KQED Connected Challenge

Share your vision for the future of what it means to be a connected educator for a chance to attend the Big Ideas Fest at the Ritz-Carlton in Half Moon Bay, California Open through Oct 31 More

CEM Howard Rheingold Contest

He’s the father of online community and he’s literally throwing his hat into the ring for CEM–donate or raise $25 for a chance to win Howard Rheingold’s hat (the one he’s wearing) Through Nov 16 More

CEM Norway Contest

Donate or raise $50 for CEM’s crowdfunding campaign for a chance to win a trip to CEM partner Norway–get additional entries for every $50 you raise Open through Nov 30 More

Global Cardboard Challenge

An annual challenge around the world that celebrates the power of creative play and childhood imagination. Official sharing day is Oct. 11, but registration continues through Nov 1 More

AFT/TES PD Contest

In celebration of CEM, complete a brief survey for a chance to win one of several stipends to go to the professional development conference or event of your choice Open through Nov 3 More

AFT/TES Constitution Contest

Create a lesson plan on the Constitution for a chance to win a free trip to Montpelier, the home of James Madison, for a weekend seminar Open through Dec. 15 More

Apple/iTunes Social Media Courses

Apple’s Distinguished Educators surprised and delighted the connected community by publishing a series of courses for educators on social media on iTunes where they were October 1’s top promotion. Great for sharing with less-connected colleagues, too! More

MIT Game Design

Learn game design from the pros at MIT with this intro to design and game design concepts, that analyzes game mechanics, emphasizes the basic tools of the design process: paper & digital prototyping, design iteration, and user testing. Through Dec 3 More

ASCD Blended Learning

A new ASCD course that’s free for 30 days to all CEM participants, designed by Google Certified Educator and blended learning expert Catlin R. Tucker, from the gold standard in professional development Offer good through Nov 1 (registration ends/course begins) More

NGS/Annenberg: Water

National Geographic’s popular highly interdisciplinary Water: The Essential Resource course returns on Coursera with social studies, science, and language arts all stirring the drink. Graduate credits available–through Dec 17 More

Design/Development of EdTech

Who would you rather learn this from than MIT? The course uses expert interviews to explore educational technologies and theories underlying their development, culminates with participants developing and presenting a Kickstarter-like pitch! Through Nov 19 More

Learning Differences MOOC

CEM founding partner the Friday Institute offers a course to deepen your understanding of learning differences and related constructs, apply strategies in your classroom–during the course–to personalize learning for every student Through Nov 28 More

Edublogs Teacher Challenges

Community pioneer Edublogs has helped hundreds of thousands of educators learn to blog–their popular CEM teacher challenges return, including Teacher Blogging, Student Blogging and–all-new for 2014–Build a PLN Challenge–all self-paced… More

Moodle MOOC 5

A popular CEM 2013 fave returns, focused on connecting online for collaborative learning and teaching through Moodle, Google Drive, blogs, Google Apps, mobile devices, virtual classes, other online learning environments. Self-paced, through Oct 31 More

Open/Connected Learning MOOC

A Canada-based MOOC for educators around the world to share ideas and best practices for learning in an open online environment, as well as ideas, tools & supports related to connected learning. Like all MOOCs, self-paced, through October 31 More

NGS Watershed Course

A new National Geographic course on outdoor education, introducing engaging technologies for investigating watersheds and helping you plan and effectively implement outdoor experiences. Through Nov 6 More

Adobe Create Change Course

Adobe and creativity go hand-in-hand. Now for the first time experience the signature Adobe Youth Voices curriculum that has given 190,000 children in 55 countries the creative confidence to solve problems for social good. Enrollment open until Nov 25 More

Adobe Web Design Boot Camp

Who better to learn web design from than Adobe? This course will help you understand web design theory and processes to help you and your students create sites that work across all platforms and devices. Enrollment closes Oct 23 More

Facilitating Intercultural Digital Exchanges

A free four-week course from TakingItGlobal and Hewlett-Packard to help you create international collaborations, offered 3x/year. Other courses: Challenge-Based Climate and Monitoring RainforestsMore

Deeper Learning MOOC

MIT Media Lab, Peer to Peer University (P2PU), the Hewlett Foundation and others join forces for a nine-week self-paced MOOC (massive open online course) on deeper learning principles and practices. Jan 20 – Mar 21 More

edGlobal Community

edWeb and the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) collaborate on a global education community that served up several tasty global CEM events; you can ‘keep on keeping on’ by joining the group (it’s free!)… More

iEARN Collaboration Center

Connected (and global) education pioneer iEARN was a key addition to this year’s CEM, and opportunities to participate in its work continue year-round. Collaboration and global–a great way to celebrate 2014! More

Bilingualism For A Global Society

CEM bellwether edWeb and language software leader Rosetta Stone collaborated on this timely discussion of how to leverage English Language Learners’ (ELL) multi-lingualism for success… More

Global Connections & Celebrations of Learning

A multi-practitioner-led Consortium for School Networking (CoSN) hosted CEM event discussing the rich opportunities for your school to participate in global learning celebrations. Clicking the title or image gets you not only the archive but related resources as well… More

It’s A Small World: Elementary Global Collaboration

The Consortium for School Networking (CoSN) and the Florida Society for Technology in Education (FSTE) hosted this popular webinar led by award-winning Nancye Blair Black–click the title or image to get the archive and related resources… More

Mapping The Nation

The US Dept of Education’s contribution to Nov.’s International Ed Week (in collaboration with the Asia Society, Longview Foundation, and SAS), an innovative interactive, 1M data point resource showing how each state & county is connected with the world… More

VIF International

Global education leader VIF International was one of the most prolific CEM event providers, and their work continues. Click the title or image for upcoming events, this link for archives… More

WISE Summit

The World Innovation Summit for Education, which brings together top policymakers and leaders from around the planet, was part of CEM–includes access to archives for a number of sessions that were NOT live-streamed, plus a whole lot more… More

Reform Symposium

The global Reform Symposium was one of the more popular CEM events, and it’s been getting a lot of Eddie (award) love, too–get access to the archives of all 100+ sessions here… More

Library 2.0

The third annual Library 2.0 conference was an international CEM centerpiece honoring the educators who have gotten so many of us online and connected–here’s a link to the archives… More

Global STEMx

The first global STEMx conference (x=20+ other disciplines vital to science, but not included in traditional STEM curriculum) was a curtain-raiser for this year’s celebration (all recordings here)… More

Global Ed Conference

This giant post-CEM global conference included more than 200 sessions–recordings for all of them are here, plus links to the rest of the conference site… More

Global Encounters

TakingITGlobal’s popular international video conferences continue for you and your students throughout the year–click the title or image to get access to all the upcoming events! Recordings of past sessions available hereMore

Sixth Sense

As information continues to grow in volume and insistence, we’re all going to need an electronic sixth sense to separate the wheat from the chaff–and educators are the ideal professionals to design it… (Dec 6-TBD) More

Difference Gardens

The concept: working with social networks like LinkedIn to create engaging visualizations for educators of just how much difference they’ve actually made in the lives of their students…(Dec 6-TBD) More


Lots of educators play games like Farmville–what if there was a social game, created by educators, for educators that let us design and run our own virtual schools? What might be learned that could help inform design/management in the future? (Dec 6-TBD) More

Q Design Packs

Toolkits to support implementation of games and game-like experiences in the classroom, developed by MacArthur’s Institute of Play in collaboration with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, based on Quest School’s successful model of game-like connected learning… More

Games As Guide

A great infographic-based beginner’s resource on games for anyone involved in designing learning for youth, provided by MacArthur’s Institute of Play, in collaboration with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation… More

Playmakers Explorations

A video series (and other resources) from MacArthur’s Institute of Play (in collaboration with the Gates Foundation) exploring the experiences and innovations that are leading the way for learning design in the 21st century… More


Previewed during CEM, MacArthur Institute of Play’s first title in its ground-breaking collaboration with Electronic Arts is being released this month (November) and it looks like they’re running more contests to win the game for your school… More

Mobile: Turning Place To Learning Space

An archive of kickoff webinar for MacArthur’s CEM mobile learning series, featuring a powerful panel that included speakers from Harvard, Global Kids, Columbia University’s Teachers College, and UNESCO… More

Real-Life Mobile Implementation

Another popular CEM webinar from MacArthur, addressing relationships between adults, youth, and tech in mobile implementations (i.e. real life). With a distinguished panel from MobileEd.org, Iridescent, the University of Michigan, and the University of Wisconsin… More

Global Mobile Learning Potential

The most collaborative webinar of the CEM season–edWeb, Wowzers, CoSN, ISTE, SIIA, SETDA, and UNESCO joined forces to discuss this key emerging topic… More

Portable Libraries: Building A Mobile Library Program

An archive of a well-attended CEM webinar co-hosted by edWeb and Follett, featuring award-winning librarian Michelle Luhtala leading a discussion of how to mobilize your library program to be ready for when, not if, your school turns to mobile learning… More

Mobiles And Informal Learning Spaces

An archive of a popular MacArthur/Educator Innovator CEM event on mobiles in informal learning spaces, featuring a panel discussion that included speakers from Harvard, the American Museum of Natural History, the Museum of Modern Art, and the Chattanooga Public Library… More

Strategies For Mobile Selection, Implementation

An archive of a Consortium for School Networking (CoSN) CEM webinar of high interest featuring district technology and instructional leaders sharing their mobile learning device selection process and related implementation and support issues… More

Mobile Games and Place-Based Learning

An archive of a well-attended MacArthur/Educator Innovator CEM event on mobile games, gamefulness, and place-based learning, featuring a distinguished panel from Mobileed.org, MIT, Emerson College, and the Queensland University of Technology… More

Your School Library–Mobile, Flipped, and Curated

An archive of a popular collaborative webinar co-hosted by edWeb and Library Media Connection, featuring award-winning librarian Joyce Valenza, sharing options and strategies for curating, flipping, and mobilizing the traditional physical library for 24/7 availability… More

Game Elements For Learning

The archive of a 600+ tweet CEM chat on game elements for learning, hosted by educators from educational bellwether Texas, with a myriad of helpful links and ideas… More

Minecraft Open House

An archive of a popular two-hour CEM event co-hosted by Games MOOC, rgMOOC, ISTE SIGVE and Inevitable Instructors in which a Minecraft environment built collaboratively by these groups was explored and discussed… More

Minecraft, MMO Unsymposium

Games MOOC, Inevitable Instructors, rgMOOC, ISTE SIGVE, and ISTE VSTE collaborate on an online symposium Dec 6-7 covering Minecraft & Mobile, Minecraft & Higher Ed, Setting Up A Minecraft Club, Minecraft & Machinima, Minecraft & Science, and more… More

BrainPOP Webinars

BrainPOP, the popular kids educational animation site, runs an ongoing series of professional development webinars, many of which, given the group’s core expertise, cover gaming and mobile topics… More

Executive Functioning Skills Through Games and Apps

An archive of a well-attended CEM webinar, presented by BrainPOP, on how games and apps can be used to improve executive functioning in kids, and which specific offerings have proven particularly effective in this regard… More

Game-Based Learning

edWeb, the Software and Information Industry Association (SIIA) and the International Society for Technology Education (ISTE) collaborate on this ongoing gaming in education community, with the support of Filament Games… More

Mobile Learning Explorations

edWeb, the Consortium for School Networking (CoSN), the International Society for Technology Education (ISTE) and the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) collaboratively host an ongoing community dedicated to mobile learning. More

Minecraft In Education

MacArthur’s Connected Learning TV runs a six-part series on Minecraft in Education from Nov 6 – Nov 26. Get access to upcoming sessions and archives, at your convenience, of those that have passed… More

HP Catalyst Academy

Hewlett Packard, ISTE, and the New Media Consortium collaborate to provide a variety of mini-courses (most recently mobile app design without programming, starting Nov 1). Check out the full catalog of upcoming courses! More

Common Core In Action: Literacy Across Content Areas

New Teacher Center and Coursera present a course on applying tools from the Literacy Design Collaborative to incorporate CCSS into your content area (Oct 7-Nov 11) More

High Speed Vedic Math MOOC

WizIQ and India For All offered this course Oct 7-Oct 11 and got 1,800+ sign-ups; it appears to be slated to run every quarter from now on–check the course page for details & contacts… More

Moodle MOOC 3: Collaborative Teaching & Learning

WizIQs Moodle MOOC 2 was one of the more popular online courses during CEM with 2,700+ registrations (get recordings here). Moodle MOOC 3 will focus on using Moodle for collaboration (Feb 1-Feb 28) More

Water: The Essential Resource

National Geographic and Annenberg Learner present an interdisciplinary course (w/graduate credit available) for educators on our most essential resource (Oct 9 – Dec 4) More

Blended Learning: Personalizing Instruction For Students

New Teacher Center, Coursera, the Silicon Valley Schools Fund, and the Christensen Institute present a Massive Open Online Course on one of education’s hottest topics (Oct 15-Nov 26) More

Digital Creativity In The Classroom

Adobe presents a course for educators straight out of its wheelhouse of expertise, introducing a new theme and industry expert in digital design (images, collages, animations, more) every week (Sep 29 – Nov 16) More

What School Leaders Need To Know Book Club

The final CEM 2013 book club, featuring authors Scott McLeod and Chris Lehmann, with facilitator extraordinaire Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach throughout (Oct 28 – Dec 2) More

Invent To Learn Book Club

The third of four CEM book clubs, featuring authors Sylvia Martinez and Gary Stager, with facilitator extraordinaire Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach throughout (Oct 21-Dec 4) More

The Connected Educator Book Club

The second of four CEM 2013 book clubs, and a reprise of last year’s highly successful club, featuring authors Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach and Lani Ritter Hall throughout (Oct 7-Nov 11) More

Teacherpreneurs Book Club

The first of four CEM 2013 book clubs, featuring authors Barnett Berry, Ann Byrd, Alan Weider, and facilitator extraordinaire Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach (Oct 1-Nov 14) More

ELT Techniques: Vocabulary

WizIQ offers a new MOOC for English language teachers worldwide, focused on pronunciation as part of a larger new MOOC unfolding, the first of its kind for ELTs (Nov 11 – Dec 6) More

Make/Hack/Play Together

Hewlett Packard and P2PU offer a free mini-course will introduce you as an educator to the “maker movement,” in both digital and non-digital realms (Nov 4-Nov 22…also Jan, Feb) More

Games Based Learning MOOC

The fifth iteration of an open course for educators who want to learn more about games, simulations and game-like environments, with a focus on maker/creation activities (Oct 28-Dec 11) More

Integrating Common Core Literacy In Science

New Teacher Center provides a mentor-facilitated, community-based opportunity to explore integrating CCSS in science and experiment with improving instruction (Oct 21-Dec 16) More

Common Core: Math Formative Assessment

New Teacher Center and Coursera provide a course-based focus on math formative assessments as a strategy for implementing CCSS (Oct 21-Nov 25) More

Learning Beyond Letter Grades MOOC

Dr. Bernard Bull of Concordia College offers a 6 week self-paced MOOC the history, benefits, limitations, and alternatives to using letter grades in learning environments (Oct 7-Nov 16) More

The Daily Create

Make openness a daily habit by making/creating every day. Peer to Peer University offers daily assignments help you get there–take today’s, or any past day’s assignment (Oct 1-Dec 31) More

Intro to Openness in Education

Peer to Peer University is offering an asynchronous, self-paced introductory course exploring the history and impacts of openness in education (Oct 1-Dec 31) More

Digital Transition MOOC

The Alliance for Excellent Education and the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation are running a MOOC on making the transition to digital-based learning (Sept 30-Nov 24) More

CEM Theme Padlets

This will be a collection of reflections and sharings of what we’ve learned about each CEM theme with practical ideas for action in our classrooms and districts (Oct 27-TBD) More

Adopt-A-Colleague Kit

A popular CEM idea–this will be a well-polished set of resources and ideas for connected educators to use in the continuing effort we’re all making to get less-connected colleagues on board (Oct 27-TBD) More

Cross-Community Guided Tours

To allow less-connected educators to identify a need/interest, then explore a series of communities (in a self-guided way, with our help) to see unique ways in which each helps address that interest/need (Oct 26-TBD). More

Who To Follow In Education

We and Edutopia want to help friends at Twitter create a ‘who to follow in education’ list on their site for educators everywhere, and need to give them a list of names that you have created and vetted… More

edConnectr Challenge

Use edConnectr to make connections with three who share your interests, three who you can help, and three who can help you to fulfill the challenge, win a chance for a great prize CEM Wrap Up prize basket. More details hereMore

CEM Reflections Contest

Post a reflection about CEM 2013 using the #ce13 hashtag–what you learned, connections you made, what you plan to do next–for a chance to win a great prize basket Oct 30-31. Get the details hereMore

SIMCityEdu Giveaway

Come to the MacArthur Institute for Play’s SIMCityEDU preview event on October 31 (4-5 PM ET), and you’ll have the chance to win a pre-release copy of the game, IOPs first collaboration with Electronic Arts to increase the educational value of their games! More

PLN Exchange

The PLN Exchange is a Connected Educators project that aims to make it easy for educators to create a PLN (with a click), make it compelling to do so (w/the help of a great playlist) and the support of a collection of the best related resources online. We need your help! More

CEM Pinterest

Nearly 300 pins, covering each CEM theme & showcase area, how to pin, participating organizations, social media, and more. Have ideas/suggestions, want to join the team? Write us! More

ASCD Dream Library Pinterest Contest

ASCD has a great Pinterest contest–pin your 10 favorite ASCD titles for a chance to win all ten! The current version of this contest closed on Oct 10, but there will be another in November, and we’re not going anywhere! More

Ed Tech Digest Awards

The fourth annual EdTech Digest Awards Recognition Program recognizes outstanding solutions—and the best and brightest minds—in education and technology. Entry is relatively fast, though nominations are closing soon (Sept 1-Oct 18) More

IDEO Creative Confidence Challenge

Award winning Open IDEO has created a CEM design challenge for educators: cultivating creative confidence in young people. Already more than 800 inspirations posted–a great opportunity to work with leaders of one of the top design firms in the world (Sept 17-Dec 17) More

K-12 Makers, Makerspaces

A list of school makerspaces, maker classrooms, and labs where people are willing to entertain visitors and/or field questions about how to create your own educational maker program. If you’re willing to do this, add yourself to the list–otherwise, connect and enjoy! More

Edutopia: Share Your Story

Tell us your stories about being a connected educator. What has it meant for you? How has it transformed student learning? What tools do you use? Edutopia will look at the stories and ask some of you to elaborate on them in guest blog posts and beyond…(Oct 1-Oct 31) More

International Cyberfair

Take part in the CyberFair, now in its 18th year, an award-winning, authentic learning program in which students conduct research about their local communities, publish their findings, and best projects in eight categories get recognized (Oct 1-Mar 15) More

3D Game Labs Teacher Camps

3D GameLab’s monthly online teacher camps provide teachers and instructional designers the tools and the training to turn their classes into living games. Start at any point, choose quests, work at your own pace, end with your own game dashboard. PD credit available More

Adobe Presenter Giveaway

In celebration of CEM, Adobe is giving away free licenses for Adobe Presenter tool, a tool that will help you create engaging content for your students, to all members of the Adobe Education Exchange! (Oct 1-Nov 30) More

Edmodo Connecting Educators Contest

Invite a new teacher to join Edmodo, join the Edmodo Connected Educator group, mentor the new teacher, get their classroom started, then submit your story–you and your mentee could win a trip to FETC plus $5,000 in Edmodo store credit (Oct 1-Oct 31) More

Hats Off To Principals Contest

In celebration of National Principals’ Month, NAESP calls on all teachers, parents, staffers, students. Draw or snap a pic, produce a video, write a song or poem, or create any other artwork that celebrates your principal. Prizes weekly. (Oct 1-Oct 31) More

Intel App Video Review Collection

Calling all app reviewers (Intel is)! Post 60 second view reviews of your favorite educational apps; Intel will pick one each week to feature on Twitter, Engage, and Facebook…(Oct 1-Oct 31) More

Intel International Dot Day Activity

We can’t do this contest justice by describing it in this tiny space. If you know the book The Dot, about a compassionate teacher who helps a hesitant learner, you may have an idea, but click the pic to find out more and get entered for a pretty great prize (Oct 1-29) More

Global Read Aloud

The students and teachers of Crozet Elementary School (VA) invite you to join them in this year’s Global Read Aloud. They’re reading one book aloud in Oct-Nov and making as many global connections as possible in the process (Sept 30 – Nov 8) More

2013 Speak Up Survey

Project Tomorrow’s 2013 Speak Up! Survey is open for your input about technology, learning, and schools. Last year more than 460,000 educators, parents, and students spoke up–will you? (Oct 2-Dec 20) More

Solution Tree Book Giveaway

The Solution Tree Book Giveaway is back, and it’s better than ever–this year, you can win a whole bundle of books every week, all designed to help you get more connected! (Oct 1-Oct 31) More

A Day In The Life

Indiana asks: what does a day in the life of a connected educator look like? Post an artifact that’s representative of your day–a blog post, a graphic organizer, a video–that will help get educators more connected (Oct 3-Oct 31) More

Enterasys ‘Show Your Tech’ Video Contest

Submit a video showing how you’re using tech in the classroom, post it as instructed, email Enterasys the link, promote and get others to like it, for a chance to win an iPad Mini, other prizes (Oct 4-Oct 30) More

Adobe: Creativity Pin To Win

Follow Adobe on Pinterest, create a pinboard called Creativity In Education, add pins to showcase how you’re finding inspiration, sparking creativity in your school, for a chance to win great prizes (Oct 7-Nov 8) More

Intel: Help Build An App

Intel is looking for additional mobile learning scenarios to add to its Mobile Scenarios for K12 app–yours could be one that gets built, with a chance to win a great prize, too! (Oct 9-Nov 30) More

Connected Education Action Research

Use the cool new collaborative PD platform Sanderling to help create a connected education field report with ‘best of the best’ resources, and build your professional learning network in the process! More

Lights On Afterschool

Help share power of youth in your afterschool program–ask kids to share a positive idea for peace, green living, or health and enter it in the challenge; you can participate in a 7 day challenge too (Oct 14-20) More

Edublogs Challenges 2013

Connected giant Edublogs is offering two challenges, one on student blogging, the other on personal blogging, self-directed, start anytime! (Oct 14-Nov 14) More

Adobe Educators’ Choice Awards

Celebrating teaching and learning resources that unleash students’ creativity, excellence recognized in three categories—K-12, Higher Education, and Adobe Creative Suite® 6 resources. Submissions through October 5! More

Edutopia/IDEO Design Challenges

Edutopia and IDEO have joined together for CEM to offer a series of design challenges that will prepare you to use design thinking within your own school community… More

Edublogs Challenges

To celebrate CEM, Edublogs is presenting a series of challenge activities for educators. The current one featured is on copyright, fair use and how to use images in your posts, but come take them all! More

21st Century-Ize My Classroom

This is a fun visual collaborative project to update the classrooms of today using a new image-pinning platform called ThinkLink… More

Solution Tree Book Giveaways

To celebrate CEM, Solution Tree is holding weekly drawings for great connected education books by Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach, Alan November, Will Richardson, and More

You PD Challenges

You PD is offering a number of great challenges. Flip It! Model It! Take the Screencaster’s Challenge, or consider: if you had a robot to help you with your administrative tasks, what would you have it do? More

IRA/Zolt Awards

For CEM, the International Reading Association announces three grants/award to support teachers or researchers implementing either In2Books or ePals and the Common Core State Standards. Submit through Nov 15! More

National Learning Registry

For CEM, the National Learning Registry has launched a new Chrome plug-in and is soliciting new entries to the registry about online and open source learning resources you’ve found useful… More

CEM Guided Tour Collaboration

We’re putting together a series of cross-community guided tours to show unconnected educators all the benefits of online communities and are looking for your nominations… More

Common Core Lesson-A-Thon

Common Core Conversation is holding a Lesson-A-Thon all month on edmodo. The goal: collect 31 lessons in 31 days that integrate the Common Core in various content areas and grade levels… More

BYOD Potluck

Bring Your Own Device foodies unite! Build a worldwide network, watch the map grow, and share your BYOD knowledge. Each participant passes a dish/share a resource so you can’t leave hungry… More

CEM Twitter Collaborative

None of us is as smart or good as all of us. Let’s create a Twitter list where we can find each other and follow those with common interests. Join us and add your name and information… More

Connected Educators Collaborative Challenge

Help Flat Classroom and TakingITGlobal create a wikibook about all the ways educators can connect online. Be part of a team and a celebration where what’s learned is shared and excellence is recognized… More

Connected Learner Manifesto

Help Powerful Learning Practice bring forth a collaboratively constructed manifesto setting forth the principles and goals of connected learning… More

Post-CEM Project Maker

Post project ideas you’d like to realize, or just educational issues you’re passionate about, and your contact info; we’ll try to find collaborators for you–if they don’t find you first…(Oct 24-Next Year’s CEM) More