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CEM 2014

Accomplished Teacher by SmartBrief: Duncan takes part in Twitter chat for Connected Educator Month, October 16, 2014


The Hechinger Report: Arne Duncan chats with educators about “connected education”, October 15, 2014

Getting Smart: So You’re Already A Connected Educator… Now What?, October 7, 2014

Silicon Republic: ‘Social listening’ proves effective for learning technology company, October 3, 2014

Remake Learning: October is Connected Educator Month, October 2, 2014

SmartBlog on Education: Connected Educator Month: Free PD everyday in October, October 1, 2014

CEM 2013

The Connected Educator Month Digest — a updated daily (a lot faster than us!) with CEM news from around the world.

eSchoolNews’ extensive coverage of the month’s events and activities throughout the month

Huffington Post, “Happy Connected Educator Month: A Day in the Life,” Rob Furman, October 2, 2013

Education Week: Marketplace K12, “‘Connected Educators': Teachers, Companies, but No Ed. Department,” Michele Molnar, October 2, 2013

Mind Shift, “The Key to Empowering Educators? True Collaboration,” Katrina Schwartz, October 2, 2013

New York Times Learning Network Blog, “What ‘Connected Education’ Looks Like: 28 Examples From Teachers All Over,” Katherine Schulten, October 1, 2013

Principal’s Policy Blog, “NASSP Celebrates Connected Educators Month,” Amanda Karhuse, September 27, 2013

Connected Principals, “Connected Principals Teaming Up With NASSP, NAESP for Connected Educator Month,” Patrick Larkin, September 26, 2013

eSchool News, “Learn How to Become a Connected Educator,” Meris Stansbury, September 19, 2013

U.S. Office of Science and Technology Policy Blog, “Nominate a Connected Educator as a White House Champion of Change”, Bess Evans, September 9, 2013

“Connected, Semi-Connected, and Unconnected Educators,” Tom Whitby, August 30, 2013

U.S. Department of Education Blog, “Q-and-A: Back to School with Arne Duncan,” Arne Duncan with Cameron Brenchley, August 27, 2013

CEM 2012

THE Journal, “Connected Educator Month Brings Teachers, Others Together Online,” Dian Schaffhauser, September 26, 2012

Appolicious, “Appealing Apps for Educators: Celebrating Connected Educator Month,” Lucy Gray, August 30, 2012

SmartBlogs on Education, “The Connected Educator Call of Duty,” Gordon Dahlby, August 28, 2012, “Join the Live Community Conversations to Close Connected Educator Month,” August 28, 2012

Huffington Post, George Munoz, Frank Islam, Ed Crego, “Higher Education Reform in Motion,” August 27, 2012

GroundReport, GoingOn Kicks Off “Connected Educator” Webinar Series on Aug. 28 with Session on Faculty Commons, August 23, 2012

Lesson Planet, “Connected Educator Month,” Judith Smith Meyer, August 23, 2012

MindShift, Matt Levinson, “For Educators, the Importance of Making Meaningful Connections,” August 22, 2012

Cisco Blog > Education, “Connected Educator Month Closing Sessions,” Gary Serda, August 22, 2012

Tech & Learning Ed Tech Ticker, “Connected Educator Month Updates”

PLPNetwork, “Top 10 Connected Educator Month Tweets,” Christen Dodd, August 20, 2012

The New York Times’ The Learning Network Blog, Katherine Schulten, “Five Ways to Plan for the School Year (While We’re on Vacation This Week),” August 19, 2012

Scholastic OOM Blog, “Celebrating Connected Educator Month with Five Classroom Organization Tips: And a Facebook Chat!),” August 19th

Tech & Learning T&L Advisor Blog, Becky Bair, “Connected Educator Month, How Do I Start?,” August 19

On an e-Journey with Generation Y, “50 Things to do During Connected Educator Month,” Anne Mirtschin, Victoria, Australia, August 19

eSchool News, Meris Stansbury, “Nine Useful Lists for Teachers,” August 17, 2012

Change Agency, Stephanie Sandifer, Connected Educator Month Day 16 – About Conundrums, Echo Chambers, &Team Planning Meetings #ce12, August 16, 2012

Cisco Education Blog, “Happy Connected Educator Month!  We Can All Help to Enhance Learning,” Kerry Best, August 15th

BrainPOP Newsletter, Andrew Gardner, “BrainPOP and Connected Educators Month,” August 8, 2012

Tech & Learning, Christine Weiser, “Connected Educator Month Report, Part 1: Guest Post by Becky Bair,” August 8, 2012

StudySync, “Connected Educator Month 2012,” Jenny Brown, August 6, 2012

Common Sense Media, Kelsey Herron, “Happy Connected Educator Month,” August 6, 2012

HOMEROOM, U.S. Department of Education, Edward Metz, “Connected Educator Month: Game-Based Learning,” August 6, 2012

Philadelphia Public Schools – The Notebook blog, “Mark Your Calendar: Connected Educator Month Events,” Samuel Reed III, August 5, 2012

Huffington Post, Esther Wojcicki, “Calling All Educators! August is Connected Educators Month.” August 4, 2012

NEA Today, “August – Connected Educator Month.” August 4, 2012

Converge, Tanya Roscorla, “Why Educators Should Connect Digitally,” August 3, 2012

SmartBlog on Education, Brian Page, “A Connecting Educator,” August 2, 2012, John Norton, “During Connected Educator Month, Listen to these Voices from the Learning Revolution (Wk 1)”, August 1, 2012

National Association of Elementary School Principals, Meredith Barnet,”Are You A Connected Educator,” August 1, 2012

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, “August is Connected Educator Month,” August 1, 2012

National Education Association (NEA), “Connected Educator Month,” August 1, 2012

Discovery Education, Chad Lehman, “Connected Educator Month,” August 1, 2012

SmartBlog on Education, Melissa Greenwood, “Start Your Innovation Engine,” August 1, 2012

Edutopia, Susie Boss, “Making the Most of Connected Educator Month,” August 1, 2012

Converge, Digital Connected Educator Month Kicks Off, Tanya Roscorla, August 1, 2012

Connected Educator Month – Week One’s Amazing Schedule

HOMEROOM, U.S. Dept of Education, Karen Cator, August 1, 2012

eSchool News, Meris Stansbury, “New Nationwide Online Community Opens for Educators,” August 1, 2012

The New York Times’ The Learning Network Blog, Katherine Schulten, “For ‘Connected Educator Month,’ Tips from 33 Educators We Admire,” August 1, 2012

Larry Ferlazzo Websites of the Day, “August is ‘Connected Educator Month,'” August 1, 2012

Education Week, Ian Quillen, “Connected Educator Month to Launch with Virtual Conference,” July 31, 2012

THE Journal, Bridget McCrea, “Connecting the Educational Dots,” July 31, 2012

Education Week, Ian Quillen, “Feds Plan Connected Educator Month,” June 26, 2012

National Commission on Teaching and America’s Future, “Celebrate Connected Educator Month,” July 26, 2012

Press Releases

CEM 2012

AIR Convenes the U.S. Department of Education’s Connected Educator Month

U.S. Department of Education Kicks Off Connected Educator Month

Knovation to Participate in U.S. Department of Education Connected Educator Month

Educators as Designers: Continuing Education Program Will Change How Teachers Address Professional Challenges